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Coin Address Generator for PC and Mac

Written by Khoa Pham

  • Category: Productivity
  • Released date: 10-15-15
  • Licence: $2.99
  • Version: 1.
  • File size 4.49 Mb
  • Compatibility Compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7, Vista, Mac OS 10 and Mac OS 10.11
  • What is Coin address generator?

Whats Great

1. OpenSSL seeds from /dev/urandom, which guarantees very good entropy, so your keys are truly random and secure.

2. Would you be willing to give your money safe-key to strangers. The same goes for crypto currencies. You can only have the keys to unlock the money.

Coin Address Generator Features and Description

Important Features

Latest Version: 1.1

Licence: $2.99

What does Coin Adresse Generator do? A website can be used to create an online account, and they will manage your online accounts. Also, you risk losing your money if your online wallets are compromised or hack. Some websites make exporting private keys very difficult. Would you share your safe key with strangers to get your money? The same holds true for cryptocurrencies. When you have the keys, the money is yours. AddressGenerator Features AddressGenerator features allow you to generate your own key pairs. No extra dependencies. Support PC 10.11 Generate key pair using OpenSSL. On PC 10.13, it is LibreSSL 2.2.7 which is a fork of OpenSSL from 2014. OpenSSL seeds come from /dev/urandom. This guarantees excellent entropy which makes your keys truly random and secure. No saving or networking. Your keys are generated by you and only your know it. Many cryptocurrencies are fast supported

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